The World Is Evolving.
So Should Your Emergency Management Capabilities.

Empower Your Emergency Teams

Online Portal Features

The Activate Online Portal will provide your organisation with increased control, consistency and visibility of your emergency response program across all sites through a simple to use online portal.


Manage each site’s critical information

Manage warden team listings and contacts

Conduct site based risk assessments

Access and print your Emergency Response Plans

Review and schedule your training

Access your training records and reports

Online Portal Screenshots

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Complete Control In Your Hands

Mobile Application Features

The activate mobile app empowers organisations to respond to any emergency, all from their mobile device, providing faster coordination of emergency response team, tracking of activities and management of communications.


emergency events

Activate your
warden teams

Track response
activities and tasks

Monitor and manage work areas and assembly points

Communicate and report during an emergency event

Mobile Application Screenshots

activate screenshot 4
activate screenshot 10
activate screenshot 15
activate screenshot 11
activate screenshot 14

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